Take and Make Art: Hundreds of Royalty-Free Vector Illustrations for Discriminating Designers (Paperback)

Take and Make Art: Hundreds of Royalty-Free Vector Illustrations for Discriminating Designers By Von R. Glitschka Cover Image
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Inside this book, you will not only find hundreds of unique, custom-designed pieces of royalty-free vector illustrations from the super talented Von Glitschka, you will also find something potentially even more valuable the hitherto undiscovered cure for designer's block. You ve heard of writer's block. Well, designer's block is just as bad. Maybe even worse. And inside this book is the cure.
Stuck for inspiration? Don t know what to do for that newsletter, T-shirt, ad, logo tattoo? With access to this enormous collection of illustrations ranging from the practical to the wonderfully weird, you re sure to find a design that will kick-start your imagination and get you making again. Buy the book, download the artwork featured inside, and use the illustrations as-is or make them your own. Just take and make.
Monstrous goldfish, flying clocks, three-eyed aliens, gaping garbage cans, doves wielding olive branches, tribal totems, and seriously formidable serpents are all yours for the taking. Commercial illustrator Von Glitschka has created illustrations for some of the biggest names in business including Nike, Target, Disney, Major League Baseball, Xerox, and more. Now, through this fun and funky book you can get access to hundreds of his illustrations for use in your own projects.

About the Author

VON GLITSCHKA has created award-winning illustrative design for over 27 years through his multidisciplinary firm, Glitschka Studios. Von has collaborated on some of the most respected global brands with ad agencies, design firms, and in-house art departments from around the world. Von s mix of humor, inspiration, great design, and solid, creative methodology make him a sought-after speaker on the topics of design and creativity. He also develops skill-based design courses for Lynda.com and can usually be found hanging out on Twitter (@vonster) posting snarky tweets about anything and everything.


Product Details
ISBN: 9780321986313
ISBN-10: 0321986318
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publication Date: November 29th, 2014
Pages: 240
Language: English