Rise: Reimagining the Resurrection Life (Paperback)

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This unique discipleship book explores resurrection living through the biblical paradigm of the garden of Eden. It asks what life was like in the garden, what was lost, and how in Jesus holy resurrection living is restored.

In eight simple steps, we live a life of:

-Overcoming Shame

-Rediscovering Work

-Embracing Wholeness and Wellness

-Standing for Love and Marriage

-Reclaiming Rest in the Sabbath

-Committing to Stewardship and Creation Care

-Sharing the Gospel and Being Missional

-Loving God and Loving Others

Based on the authors' lived experiences as pastors, mentors, and educators, Rise is a practical tool for personal discipleship, mentoring, and preaching. As Jim and Ross declare, "We are forgiven in order to be restored . . . If the forgiveness of the cross clears the ground of the soul, then the resurrection is the instrument with which the new gardener replants the Creator's image."

Jim Baucom is the Senior Pastor of Columbia Church, Virginia. Ross Clifford is the Principal of Morling College (Seminary), Sydney. Both highly sought- after speakers, they love bringing together the church and the seminary.

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ISBN: 9780994572684
ISBN-10: 0994572689
Publisher: Morling Press
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2021
Pages: 254
Language: English