Mental Disorders of the Mind: The Definitive Diagnostic Compendium (Paperback)

Mental Disorders of the Mind: The Definitive Diagnostic Compendium By Horace S. Browntrout Cover Image
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Dr. Browntrout is the most dangerous man alive. He has bested the American Psychiatric Association at their own game, having invented mental disorders that pathologize all human behavior indiscriminately, and apply to every human being on earth. Doc Browntrout makes no secret of the kickbacks he demands from the pharmaceutical industry. He's kicking down the doors of academia, and running through their hallowed halls, ripping off their fat money bags and lighting their textbooks on fire. Don't try to stop him. Don't hold him back. He's charging by the diagnosis. Examples of disorders defined in this book: Pediatric Pouty LipMoochism and Moochism by ProxyYounger Male Grandmother DisorderVacuous Contrition DisorderNonanomolous Naval GazingDuchene's Douchebag DisorderCuddle Deficit DisorderManchild DisorderLittle Asshole Disorder (LAD)Public Urination AnxietyFluoride Averse Retrograde Trance (FART)

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