A Beginners Guide to Using Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition: A Fire HD Kids Edition Guide for Parents (Paperback)

A Beginners Guide to Using Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition: A Fire HD Kids Edition Guide for Parents By Gadchick, Katie Morris Cover Image
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Technology is without a doubt both one of the greatest advantages and one of the most complicated challenges for modern parents. We find ourselves trying to balance healthy screen limits and online safety with being sure our kids are technologically literate. After all, for better or worse, they'll be navigating a world filled with screens, and there's no sense in shutting them off from that reality entirely Aside from the health and safety issues, the prospect of buying a toddler a tablet is also one fraught with financial peril - kids may or may not be as enchanted with a gadget's screen resolution or turbo-charged processing chip as they are in determining what the tablet tastes like, or what might happen if it were to be launched out the window of a moving vehicle With the Kindle Fire HD Kids' Edition tablet, Amazon has finally given us a true kids' tablet instead of a tablet-shaped toy. The Fire HD Kids' Edition is a full Amazon Fire HD tablet - no features or hardware have been stripped out or reduced. However, its user interface, called Fire OS, has been slightly modified, moving Amazon FreeTime to the forefront. In this guide, we'll show you how you and your family can get the most out of the Kindle Fire HD Kids' Edition. In Chapter 1: Meet Kindle Fire HD Kids' Edition, we'll help you unpack your new tablet, give you some background on the Amazon services that make it tick, introduce you to the device's hardware, and help you through setup and basic navigation. In Chapter 2: Managing Kindle Fire HD Kids' Edition, we'll get you off the ground with Kindle profiles and content by helping you fully customize and understand household profiles and how they work. We'll also walk you through purchasing content and sharing it with other members of your family. Then, in Chapter 3: Kindle Fire HD Kids' Edition Parent Profile, we'll let you in on the post-bedtime possibilities available to Kindle Fire owning adults In Chapter 4: Kindle Fire HD Kids' Edition Kid Profiles, we'll cover everything you need to know about the kid experience on Kindle Fire HD. In Chapter 5: Advanced Features, we'll go beyond the basics to allow you to fully master your Fire with a few extra features and tricks. Finally, in Chapter 6: Recommended Apps and Games, we'll recommend some fun educational apps and games for the little ones to get them started. Ready to get started with your Kindle Fire HD Kids' Edition? If not, we'd bet money that your kids are, so read on to get it unpacked and into their hands.

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ISBN: 9781503256323
ISBN-10: 1503256324
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Publication Date: November 16th, 2014
Pages: 76
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