Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Time Lines (Spiral)

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The #1 Bible Reference book celebrates its 10th anniversary with this 230-page edition that features more Bible maps, charts and illustrations than the original This stunning, easy-to-understand reference book still provides the same full-color, reproducible Bible charts and overviews that made the original a favorite--but in an easier-to-use, updated format

This 10th anniversary edition of the Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Time Lines features over 200 Bible Charts, Maps, and Timelines--and includes more pages, 6 extra topics, updated information, and a bonus 24" fold-out on Jesus' Family Tree.

Every church library and every home should have a copy of Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Time Lines. This book contains thousands of facts that will enrich your understanding and study of the Bible, and will be a great resource as you teach others about the Word of God.

"If I could give only two books to a new Christian, one would be the Bible and the other would be this book." --Dr. Ed Hindson, President of World Prophetic Ministry and pastor on the The King is Coming telecast

Features more than 200 reproducible Bible charts, maps, and timelines, including:
  • Foldout Posters: Bible Time Line and Jesus' Genealogy
  • Overviews on Popular Old Testament Topics, including the Tabernacle, Ark of the Covenant, Names of God, Feasts & Holidays of the Bible, and much more
  • Overviews on Popular New Testament Topics, including the 12 Disciples, Armor of God, Fruit of the Spirit, and much more
  • Overviews of Jesus' Life and Teachings
  • Bible Overview: Books of the Bible and Key Bible Stories
  • Christian History, including "How We Got the Bible" and a Christian History Time Line
  • Charts Comparing Christianity to Islam and 20 Other World Religions
  • Overviews on Bible Prophecy, Revelation, and the End Times
  • Bible Maps
  • Bible Illustrations and Diagrams
"It is awesome Rose Publishing has produced one of the finest books I have ever seen. Every aspect of the charts, maps and time lines leaps off the page with spectacular color, incredible accuracy and intricate detail. . . . A must for every pastor and teacher who wants to clearly present the truths of the Bible." --Dr. Jerry Falwell, Founder of Liberty University

"A compendium of charts, time lines, lists and illustrations to accompany study of the Bible. This visually appealing resource provides a wide array of illustrative and textually concise references, beginning with three sets of charts covering the Bible as a whole, the Old Testament and the New Testament. These charts cover such topics as biblical weights and measures, feasts and holidays and the 12 disciples. Most of the charts use a variety of illustrative techniques to convey lessons and provide visual interest. A worthwhile example is 'How We Got the Bible, ' which provides a time line of translation history, comparisons of canons among faiths and portraits of important figures in biblical translation, such as Jerome and John Wycliffe. The book then presents a section of maps, followed by diagrams to conceptualize such structures as Noah's Ark and Solomon's Temple. Finally, a section on Christianity, cults and other religions describes key aspects of history and doctrine for certain Christian sects and other faith traditions. Overall, the authors take a traditionalist, conservative approach. For instance, they list Moses as the author of the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible) without making mention of claims to the contrary. When comparing various Christian sects and world religions, the emphasis is on doctrine and orthodox theology. Some chapters, however, may not completely align with the needs of Catholic and Orthodox churches. But the author's leanings are muted enough and do not detract from the work's usefulness. As a resource, it's well organized, inviting and visually stimulating. Even the most seasoned reader will learn something while browsing. Worthwhile reference stuffed with facts and illustrations." --Kirkus Reviews

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ISBN: 9781596360228
ISBN-10: 1596360224
Publisher: Rose Publishing (CA)
Publication Date: March 13th, 2015
Pages: 230
Language: English