101 Cartoons Birdtoons Newstoons and P.C. Puzzling Clarity (Paperback)

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This cartoon book is the combination of television news, proverbs, idioms, homonyms and the thoughts of 2 birds.

Many years ago I was a junior high math teacher, an english teacher and I supervised a school newspaper. My cartoon ideas, drawn by a student, appeared in each issue. Now as I watch cable news TV, I view much of it as a cartoon.

One day I thought about fooling around with cartoons and titles. After a list of ideas, I felt there could be 100 cartoons and with some writing associated with each cartoon, there could be a book. For some reason, of which I have no recollection, I drew two birds. After repositioning these birds, I saw birds speaking to each other. This led to a number of BIRDTOONS. I liked the birds so much that I named them, BeeKee and BilHorn. Watching cable news gave me ideas for many NEWSTOONS and more were created from homonyms, proverbs and idioms.

This book looks to be politically neutral. No singling out any person or party names. SOME TOONS not labeled NEWSTOONS have a news slant. Much of the writing relates to our daily lives.

The original thought was to have the more difficult TOONS drawn by an artist. But after a couple of contacts the easier option was to scratch them out as good as can do. Let it be known that this TOONOLOGIST has zero art training. Try to be open-minded just like the TOONOLOGIST. Enjoy the TOONS and the tongue-in-cheek writing.

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ISBN: 9781733743808
ISBN-10: 1733743804
Publisher: Jerome Ascher
Publication Date: August 13th, 2019
Pages: 212
Language: English