Essential Oil: The beginner's guide to essential oils: therapeutic healing essential oils A 360 degree guide to prepare them at your (Paperback)

Essential Oil: The beginner's guide to essential oils: therapeutic healing essential oils A 360 degree guide to prepare them at your Cover Image
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The essential guide for beginners to the use of essential oils.

In our book we have a chapter that guides us to steam distillation and production of essential oils at home and in the company.

Steam current distillation is a technique that allows the extraction of essential oils and aromatic waters from aromatic herbs and medicinal plants; in other words, with steam current distillation we obtain aromatic waters from which the essential oil is extracted.

We will find in addition a list of essential oils with properties, dedicated sheets, where to buy them, production and all the information on the uses of essential oils, use and dilutions of carrier oil.The Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils puts the power of natural healing in your hands.

This simple guide distills the knowledge needed to unlock the potential of commonly available essential oils.

Start making nutritious, all-natural, affordable remedies to treat a variety of conditions, for your skin care and home cleaning products.There are countless uses for essential oils.

Uses range from the preparation of creams, perfumes, do-it-yourself remedies, personal care, personal hygiene, hair skin care to medical preparations. Recently, the use of essential oils has arrived in the culinary field: there are several chefs who make flavour dishes with a few drops of essential oils. Not all essential oils are edible so they cannot be used in the kitchen or for international use.Explore the many modern applications of essential oils, from herbal medicine to aromatherapy to natural beauty.

Discover profiles detailing the aromas and therapeutic actions of essential oils from the most common to the most sought after.

Breathe easily with eucalyptus essential oils, perfume the room and your wardrobes with lavender essential oil or the most particular patchouli.

With guidelines for safe use during pregnancy and instructions on dilution formulas for babies and children.

Mix the healing power of essential oils in your life with the Essential Oils Beginner's Guide

The Essential Guide for Beginners, deals with the classification of oils, from a very detailed explanation of the various types of uses.

Essential oils can have invigorating, draining, relaxing, stimulating properties...

Dissolved in carrier oils, they can create ointments that can be applied in a wide variety of circumstances.

A reference section illustrated from A to Z helps to identify the most useful oils, as well as sharing advice on application methods and massage techniques.

Updated safety recommendations help you learn how to use them for maximum benefit.

Explore the multitude of benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy: we will provide tools to address a variety of health problems, including specific advices for children, women, men and the elderly.

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