Introduction to Ada Programming, 2nd Edition (Paperback)

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In Introduction to Ada Programming, you'll learn Ada by being gently guided through the various parts of the language. Learning how to program in a new language is challenging, so the goal is to slowly ease you into the different topics. It is understood that you not always have ample free time, so the text is easy to digest and concepts are spoon fed to the reader. Starting with the simplest of topics, detailed explanations detail the how and why of Ada. You are strongly encouraged to experiment and break things (without which the learning process is linear and quite dull.) At the end of this book, you will have an excellent understanding of the general topics that make up the Ada programming language and can tackle far more challenging topics. The source code in this book is freely available for anyone to read.

This is the table of contents that provide an overview of this book:
- Introduction
- Basic Types
- Basic Control Structures
- Procedures and Functions
- Arrays, Records and Access Types
- Basics of Object Oriented Programming
- Exception Handling
- The Basics Of I/O And Interacting With The Operating System
- String Operations
- Data Containers
- Multiprocessing With Tasks
- Advanced Types
- Advanced OOP
- Contracts and Proofs
- Networking and Advanced I/O
- Project Organization
- Libraries

Each chapter builds on what was previously described. Furthermore, each code example is independent of others and will run all by itself. Instructions are provided where you can obtain an Ada compiler and how to debug your code.

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Pages: 260
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