Python for Data Analysis: Learn Python Data Science, Data Analysis, and Machine Learning from Scratch with this Complete Beginner's Guide (2022 (Paperback)

Python for Data Analysis: Learn Python Data Science, Data Analysis, and Machine Learning from Scratch with this Complete Beginner's Guide (2022 Cover Image
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Continue reading if you want to learn more about Data Analysis and master it using the Python Programming Language.

Nowadays, everyone is talking about data. You've probably heard the word "data" more times than you can count in a single day. The idea of data is quite broad. One thing is true about data: it can be utilized to tell a narrative. The tale might be anything from describing an incident to forecasting the future.

Data is the future. Data is required by businesses, governments, organizations, and criminals for various reasons. Entities invest in various data techniques to assist them in comprehending their present state and preparing for the unknown. The world of technology as we know it is shifting toward an open-source platform where individuals may freely exchange ideas. This is considered as the first step toward the decentralization of ideas and the elimination of needless monopolies. As a result, the data, tools, and methodologies utilized in the study are freely accessible for anybody to understand data sets and get appropriate explanations.

With Python for Data Analysis, you will learn about the primary processes required to successfully execute Data Analysis and the methods to help you extract the appropriate insights from the right data.

Some of the topics we will cover within include:

  • What is Data Analysis, and why are companies investing in it?
  • The 5 Steps of Data Analysis
  • Pandas, Jupyter, and PyTorch
  • The 7 Python packages that make Python one of the top alternatives for data analysis
  • Neural Network
  • How Data Visualization with Matplotlib can assist you in comprehending the data you're working with.
  • With 14 real-world applications, some major sectors are leveraging data to better their company.

And Much More ..........

While most publications concentrate on constructing complex predictive models, this book takes the time to teach the fundamental ideas and all of the procedures required to execute Data Analysis, including Data Visualization effectively and offering practical examples and easy code scripts. Don't pass up the chance to learn more about these subjects.

Even if you've never used Data Analysis before, understanding it is simpler than it seems; all you need is the correct advice. This practical handbook delivers all of the information you want straightforwardly and practically. Regardless of your prior knowledge, you will learn the phases of Data Analysis, how to apply them in Python, and the most relevant real-world applications.

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