Swags Choice (Paperback)

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Swag, from young on, idolized his older brother Jeff. Jeff was a tough, young biker who ran with the most feared one-percent club in Texas... the Devil's Rejects Motorcycle Club. But, the moment Jeff was murdered in a bar fight, it changed his picture-perfect family forever. His once loving father, unable to deal with Jeff's death, turned into a raging alcoholic... beating him and his mom daily. Swag vowed vengeance on the very people he believes are responsible. The only way to find his brother's killer is to become everything he hated, a member of the Devil's Rejects MC. The moment he started prospecting for the MC, he saw the woman of his dreams... Bubbles. Bubbles is a working woman for the MC. The moment their eyes locked, it was love at first sight. Now Swag needs to make a choice. Get the revenge he waited his whole life for or save Bubbles from a life of misery. This is Swags Choice.

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ISBN: 9798747184121
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 1st, 2021
Pages: 96
Language: English