Message about Online Orders


Thank you all so much for the overflowing support for my store during this time! As of right now, I am working extremely hard to get orders filled in a timely manner. As a result, there may be a delay in email responses or responses to any direct messages on social media. I am processing shipments in order of receipt; therefore, a book in you cart may have been available when ordered, but could possibly become out of stock as I continue working through shipments. If for some reason a book you have ordered is no longer available, I will email you to discuss options to hold or cancel your order. Please keep in mind that it is just myself and one employee working to fill your orders. We ask that you be patient and bear with us! We are a small bookstore in a small town, but will be working extra hard to meet your needs. Thank you so much for the outpour of love and support you all have shown! I am beyond overwhelmed in a good way and appreciate each and every one of you more than you can even imagine. 

With Love,